Majestic mountains, pristine ski runs, ice-skating parties, cute ski bunnies -- it sounds like a winter wonderland for sixteen-year old Charlie and his younger brother Jack. But the temperature plummets on their fun when the undead appear on the slopes. Charlie must survive a zombie-induced avalanche and several run-ins with the clueless sheriff, while the outgoing Jack leads new friends through the picturesque resort town swarming with ravenous undead. When their paths finally intersect and they join forces to defeat the zombies and rescue their parents, the brothers learn how much stronger they are together.

Avalanche of the Undead is Laura Hansen's second book in the Zombies in Paradise series. In the first book, Cruise of the Undead, Charlie and Jack faced the initial zombie outbreak on a cruise ship in the South Pacific. From tropical paradise to winter wonderland, they must now recapture the teamwork that allowed them to prevail when the undead threatened their family and their very lives.

What makes the Zombies in Paradise books different from any others is their fully-fleshed characters and intelligent writing in a family-friendly package, a rare combination in zombie literature. The series is appealing to adults, yet still appropriate for ten to fifteen year-olds.